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Conservative Republican for Collin County Commissioner, Precinct 1

Thank you for taking time to learn about me and my campaign for re-election as your Collin County Commissioner.  I have a Proven, Consistent, Conservative record while serving on the Commissioners Court for the last year, as well as in the party and community for over 27 years.  I am grateful for the outpouring of support and endorsements I have received, and I would be honored to earn your support as well!

I am a no-nonsense conservative who is committed to transparent, efficient, and accountable government. It is extremely important for me to remember that every dollar Collin County spends ultimately comes from the taxpayer, and you can count on me to be a good steward of your hard-earned money

With an average of 85 people per day moving into Collin County, we must stay ahead of the curve on mobility to prevent further road congestion. We must also help facilitate responsible growth as we continue to address our infrastructure needs through funding new roads and supporting economic development. And we must protect the quality of life of our residents by ensuring that we provide good public safety, working with our cities to build strong communities.

As you know, our fight didn't just begin, it has been going on for decades. President Reagan didn't back off of a fight, and neither will I.   You can count on me to continue to fight for transparent, efficient and accountable government, and you can count on my door always being open to you, the taxpayers, whom I am honored to serve.


  • Delivered on all promises from 2014 campaign for County Commissioner.
  • History of over 2 decades of principled, conservative leadership.
  • Appointed by Governor Rick Perry to help regulate the CPA industry in Texas.



  • Long-standing commitment to the GOP as well as the community.
  • Voted in every Republican Primary and General Election since 1994.
  • Actively fought for good public policy and legislation for over two decades.


    • Elected to represent Senate District 8 on the 2012 & 2014 Republican State Platform Committee, serving as Chair of the Education Sub-Committee in 2014,
    • Elected #1 Delegate for Congressional District 3 to the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL.
    • Endorsed by over 100 Conservative elected officials, community leaders and grassroots activists from across Collin County and Texas.