“Susan Fletcher has been a fearless advocate for years, fighting for both fiscally and socially conservative ideals. She has exhibited her capability to perform in this role through her servant leadership in the community, her church and the Republican Party.  Her service on the RPT State Platform Committee, as a National Delegate and on the State Board of Public Accountancy, appointed by Governor Perry, demonstrates the tremendous faith that others have already placed in her abilities.  I welcome Susan Fletcher’s intrepid, honorable service and humbly encourage others to support her campaign.”

Kelly Shackelford
President and CEO of the Liberty Institute


Hon. Ken Paxton - Texas Attorney General
Hon. Sid Miller
- Texas Agriculture Commissioner

Hon. Angela Paxton - State Senator Senate District 8
Hon. Patrick Fallon
- State Senator Senate District 30
Hon. Bryan Hughes - Chairman, Texas Senate District 1
Hon. Matt Shaheen - State Representative House District 66
Hon. Jeff Leach - Chairman, Texas House District 67
Hon. Scott Sanford - State Representative House District 70
Hon. Candy Noble - State Representative House District 89
Hon. James White - Chairman, Texas House District 19
Hon. Rick Miller - State Representative House District 26
Hon. Tan Parker - State Representative House District 63
Hon. Giovanni Capriglione - State Representative House District 98
Hon. Jim Skinner - Collin County Sheriff
Hon. Greg Willis - Collin County District Attorney
Hon. Hugh Coleman - Denton County Commissioner
Hon. Andy Hardin - Collin College Trustee
Hon. Shane Williams - Collin County Constable, Pct. 1
Hon. Gary Edwards - Collin County Constable, Pct. 2
Hon. Sammy Knapp - Collin County Constable, Pct. 3
Hon. Joe Wright - Collin County Constable, Pct. 4
Hon. Steve Terrell - Mayor, City of Allen
Hon. Sean Terry - Mayor
, City of Celina
Hon. Carmen Roberts - Celina Mayor Pro-Tem
Hon. Chad Anderson - Celina City Council
Hon. Jeff Cheney - Mayor, City of Frisco
Hon. John Keating - Frisco City Council
Hon. Tim Nelson - Frisco City Council

Hon. Will Sowell -
Frisco City Council

Hon. Frederick Frazier - McKinney City Council
Hon. Lily Bao - Plano City Council
Hon. Anthony Ricciardelli - Plano City Council
Hon. Robert John Smith - Garland Mayor Pro-Tem
Hon. John Thomas - Fmr. Collin County Commissioner, Pct. 3
Hon. Tincy Miller - Fmr. State Board of Education District 12

Hon. Jodie Laubenberg - Fmr. State Representative House District 89

Hon. Ron Simmons - Fmr. State Representative House District 65
Hon. Jerry Madden - Fmr. State Representative for House District 67

Hon. James C. Ho - Fmr. Solicitor General of Texas

Hon. Sam Roach - Fmr. FISD Official and Collin College Trustee

Hon. Steve Cone - Fmr. Collin College Trustee

Hon. Terry Box - Fmr. Collin County Sheriff

Hon. Corbett Howard - Fmr. Mayor, City of Celina

Hon. Lori Vaden - Fmr. Celina Councilwoman

Hon. Maher Maso - Fmr. Mayor, City of Frisco

Hon. Bob Warren - Fmr. Mayor, City of Frisco

Hon. Kelly Edward Doster - Fmr. Frisco Mayor Pro Tem.

Hon. Scott Johnson - Fmr. Frisco City Council

Hon. Bob Allen - Fmr. Frisco City Council

Hon. David Downs - Fmr Plano City Council
Hon. Ray Ricchi - Fmr. McKinney City Council

Hon. Michelle Smith - Fmr. Rockwall City Council & CWA Texas Director

Hon. Kathy Ward - Radio Personality, Fmr. Collin Co. Commissioner & GOP Chairman

Hon. Bill Lawrence - Fmr. Mayor, City of Highland Village

Hon. Josh Andor - Fmr. Princeton ISD School Board, Collin County Lawyer

Hon. Roy Magno - Fmr. Mayor, City of Aubrey

Kelly Shackelford - President / CEO, First Liberty Institute *
Hiram Sasser - Director of Litigation - First Liberty Institute *
David Barton - Founder and President, WallBuilders *
Rick Green - WallBuilders Live Radio*
Kerby Anderson
- Host, Point of View Radio *

Jonathan Saenz - President, Texas Values*

Hayden Padgett - Chairman, Texas Young Republican Federation

Jody Rushton - Immediate Past President, Texas Federation of Republican Women

Julie McCarty - President of the North East Tarrant Tea Party 
Coach Del & Ann Harris - Former NBA Coach, Author, Frisco Philanthropists 

Ray Myers - Kaufman Tea Party leader, 2012 RNC National Delegate
Mary Carl Finkelstein - GCRW Past President, Conservative Evangelical Leader

Craig James - Former Candidate for U.S. Senate, NFL & USFL pro football player, Sports Analyst

Virginia Prodan - SREC - SD16 Committeewoman, Nationally known speaker and author

Nick Adams - Conservative leader & International Speaker on American Excepionalism

Pastor Stephen Broden - Constitutional Conservative Activist, Fmr. Congressional Candidate *

Maria Espinoza-Lyng - Founder - The Remembrance Project , Congressional Candidate

Eugene Ralph - Host, The Principle Connection, Biblical Constitutional Broadcast Radio

Debbie Georgatos - SREC member, Conservative Author & Radio Talk Show Host

Mark Ramsey - Oil & Gas Drilling Engineer, SREC Member, TexasGOPVote.com & RedState.com
Mandy Tschoepe - Fmr. Secretary SREC, Fmr. CHRW Pres. & SREC-SD8, McVeigh & Dixie Clem Awards

Weston Martinez - Fmr. SREC Committeeman & Texas Real Estate Commission Trustee

Howard Akin - Collin County Precinct Chair, # 177
Vicki Myers - Collin County Precinct Chair, # 108
Bret Walsh -
Collin County Precinct Chair, # 63
Kerby Anderson - Collin County Precinct Chair, # 147
Maggie Whitt - Collin County Precinct Chair, # 144
Hayden Padgett -
Collin County Precinct Chair, # 139
Joseph Boduch - Collin County Precinct Chair, # 220
Keith Morales - Collin County Precinct Chair, # 14
Suresh Kumar - Collin County Precinct Chair, # 87

Brian Fletcher - Collin County Precinct Chair, # 134
James Tucker - Collin County Precinct Chair, # 155

Kathy Morgan - Collin County Precinct Chair, # 208

Pat Greer - Collin County Precinct Chair, # 67

Karin Tucker - Collin County Precinct Chair, # 70

Dale Rose - Collin County Precinct Chair, # 77

Joy Flavill- Collin County Precinct Chair, # 97

Mary Carl Finkelstein - Collin County Precinct Chair, # 107

Dixie Jeffers - Collin County Precinct Chair, #193

Shannan Sorrell - Denton County Precinct Chair, # 1021

Alexandra Fincher - Denton County Precinct Chair, # 1025

Chuck Wright - Denton County Precinct Chair, # 1040

Eugene Ralph- Dallas County Precinct Chair, # 3083

Myrna Acklin - Golden Corridor Republican Women Board

Dave & Mary Kaye Adams - Golden Corridor Republican Women Board
Cathie Alexander - Plano Republican
Richard Ambrose - Kingwood Tea Party
Dr. Bri Andor - McKinney Business Owner & Republican Activist
Cindy Crocker Asche - Frisco Grassroots Republican
Bill & Shelly Ashcraft - McKinney Republicans
Karen Baack - Committed Conservative Republican
Byron & Dianne Barlowe - Plano Republicans
Chris Betts - Young Republican Leader
James K. Bishop - Plano Conservative Blogger & Activist
Deb Blencowe - GCRW Board
Clay Boatright - Texas Disability Advocate, Plano
Olena Bonner - Collin County Grassroots Activist
Nick & Kimberly Bristow - Local Law Enforcement
Wayne Braudrick - Pastor, Host of All the Difference radio *
David Bristol - Prosper Republican
Chad Brubaker - Frisco Business Owner and Republican Voter
Brandon Burden - Frisco Grassroots Activist
Kelly & Dana Bryan - McKinney Republicans
Matt Carpenter - Chief Deputy Constable at Pct. 3 Collin County *
Joe Cotten - Frisco Republican & Former Candidate for Agriculture Commissioner
Jared Clark - Conservative Activist and local Law Enforcement
Randy Clark - Former Assistant Chief, Collin County Sheriff's Office
Scott & Melissa Cromwell - Celina Republicans
Darlina Crowder - Local Collin County Attorney
Evaleen M. Davis, Attorney, Law Professor
Sue Denson - Frisco Tea Party member

Richard & Lynn Dodson - McKinney Republicans

Darla Dover - Frisco Republican
Richard Dover - Frisco Republican
Susan Duggan - Plano Republican
Steve and Colleen Epstein - Plano Republicans
Cathy Fang -  Plano Conservative Activist, Golden Corridor Republican Women
Scotty & Rhonda Farris - Frisco Republicans
Alexandra Fincher - Greater Dallas Area Republicans President, Alexandra & Associates CEO
Tim & Becky Ford - Frisco Republicans
Matt Foster - Local Grassroots Activist
Don Garner - McKinney Republican
Mike & Toni Garrison - Allen Republicans
Diane Gehrke -
Grassroots Republican
Carroll & Prissy Graves - Prosper Republicans
Austin Green - Frisco Republican
Amy Hardin - Frisco Republican
Sophia Harvey - Grassroots Republican
Barbara Hayes - Grassroots Republican
Holly Headen - Frisco Republican
Brad & Julie Hess - Frisco Republicans
Peter & Marla Horn - Frisco Business Owners & Grassroots Republicans
Corbett & Sue Howard - Celina Republicans
Paul Huang - Richardson Republican
Muni Janagarajan - Frisco Grassroots Activist
Linda Jenkins - Past President & Founding Member of CCCR, Fmr. Collin Co. Precinct Chair
Norma Jeter - Harris County Volunteer of the Year 2012, Texas Tea Party Republican Women

Larry & Staci Jones - McKinney Grassroots Republicans

Alan Johnson - Plano Republican

Wayne Knipe - McKinney Realtor, Prosper Rotary
Jordan Knox - Frisco
Grassroots Republican
Josh Knox - Frisco Republican
Deanna Kuykendall - McKinney Grassroots Activist, Collin County CPS Board Member
Matt Langan - Collin County Law Enforcement
Bishop John Lawson - Pastor, Children of God Ministry, Fmr. Senate Candidate for SD23 *
Larry Little - Grassroots Republican
Lori Loftin - McKinney Conservative Business Owner & Patriot Texas Founder
Ram Majii - Frisco Grassroots Activist

Gary Marx - Fmr. Executive Director, Faith & Freedom Coalition *
Raed & Else Maso - Frisco Republicans

Colin & Dixie McBride - Frisco Republicans
Morgan McComb - Grassroots Republican Activist, Patriot
Mark McCraw - McKinney Attorney and Republican Supporter
James McLean
- Grassroots Republican
Russ & Lorie Medina - Frisco Grassroots Activists

Sean Merrell - Collin County Planning Board
Kip & Crystal Mikeman - Prosper Republicans
Denise & Riley Milliken - Conservative McKinney residents and Texas Youth Governor
Brian & Karen Murphy - Frisco Grassroots Republicans
Deborah Muzyka - Plano Republican
Elizabeth Muzyka - GCRW Board Member
John Myers - Collin County Conservative Activist
Van Nichols - Celina Republican & Real Estate Broker

Linda Olden-Smith - Frisco Area Republican Women, Author, Playwright
Sonja Oonk - Former Golden Corridor Republican Women GCRW Board
Chris O'Reilly - Collin County Businessman
Gary Paparella - Poparella's - 2009 Frisco Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year
Bob Peel - Frisco Republican
JP Piccinini - Collin County Realtor, Frisco Republicans
Les Pierce - Committed conservative Prosper resident
Susan Plonka - Past President Conner Harrington RW, Willow Bend Lakes HOA Board
Mel Pokorny - NRA and CHL Instructor, N.Texas Second Amendment Sisters
Tom Plunkett - Anna Republican, Grassroots Actiivist
Curtis & Tracy Rath - Conservative McKinney Republicans, Former CCCR President
Doug Reeves - Plano Conservative Activist
Sharon Reeves - Grassroots Republican
Edward Retta - Cross-Culture Communications, Texas Faith & Freedom Outreach Chair
Tom & Mona Roise - CCCR Member, GCRW member
Mike & Lailani Rumfield - Collin County Law Enforcement
Sara Ruppel - Former CC GOP Precinct 38 Chair & Adjunct Professor of History
Lisa Scott - Frisco Republican
Brad Sharp - Frisco Arts Community
Sandy Simpson - Past President of RWNCC, former First Lady of Frisco
Barbara Singleton - Golden Corridor Republican Women
Scott Smith - Entrepreneur, Founder - Texas Faith & Freedom Coalition
Ann Sowieja
- Plano Grassroots Republican
Ruth Staton  - Long-time Republican Activist 
Chuck & Carol Sweet - Frisco Community Volunteers
Dr. John Tanner - Richardson Republican, Collin County Healthcare Advisory Board *
Robb & Lisa Temple - McKinney Republicans
Daniel & Evelyn Ting - Prosper Republicans
Karin Tucker - GCRW Board, 2013 John McVeigh Award Winner
Jona Vacek - Frisco Republican, Commercial REALTOR
Suzanne Van Patten - Grassroots Conservative
Teresa Varela - Frisco Republican
Annette Vineyard - Committed Plano Republican
Mary Jane Walker - Former Collin County Precinct 163 Chair
Hugh & Debbie Warnock - Frisco Grassroots Republicans
Travis Washington - Retired Air Force / Pentagon / DOD, Fmr. Congressional Candidate (CD30)
Sharon Weinberg - RWNCC Member, Committed Frisco Republican
Dudley Wilson - Frisco Grassroots Conservative
Skeet Workman - Founder - Lubbock Eagle Forum, Former SREC
Chuck & Michelle Wright - Frisco Grassroots Activists, Veterans Affairs, Frisco Friends of the NRA
Mark Yablon - Committed Conservative Republican Voter

* organization listed for identification purposes only

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Pol. Adv. paid for by Susan Fletcher Campaign.  Scott Harris Smith, Treasurer.

Copyright (c) Susan Fletcher for Collin County Commissioner Precinct 1.  All rights reserved.

"I am humbled to receive such overwhelming support from these grassroots conservatives who have not only supported me, but have worked hard to grow the Republican Party in Collin County and across the state of Texas.  I would be honored to earn your endorsement as well as I continue to serve on the Collin County Commissioners Court"      ~ Susan Fletcher

"It is my honor to publicly endorse Susan Fletcher for County Commissioner.  Susan is a trusted, conservative, independent leader with a proven track record of serving in county government leadership roles.  Her business background, leadership on the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy and her admirable record of serving the Republican Party have made her uniquely qualified to serve in this capacity.  I know she will work to promote positive growth and safety for one of the fastest growing counties in the nation."

Terry Box

Fmr. Collin County Sheriff

“Susan Fletcher is a proven conservative who cares deeply about our community. She is an advocate for faith, family and freedom. She believes in limited government and strongly believes in efficiency with taxpayer resources. I am confident that she would serve with the same conviction, competence and integrity that we have seen her demonstrate wherever she has served. She is a principled woman of character, always willing to listen to the thoughts and concerns of others.”  
Kerby Anderson, Host

Point of View radio talk show

“Susan Fletcher is someone I know will stand firm on the principles that we want our elected officials to hold. She has a proven record to fight to protect liberty as well as watching out for the best interests of our families. Because of her leadership qualities, I am so honored to endorse Susan for Collin County Commissioner, I know she will make an excellent choice."

Michelle Smith
Former Rockwall City Council Member

Former State Director, CWA Texas

“With her background and experience, Susan Fletcher is the best candidate for Collin County Commissioner and we feel that she would do an excellent job representing the interests of Precinct 1 on the Court.  In just the short time we have known her, we have come to know her heart regarding the way this city, county and country should be run.   We are very impressed with Susan’s knowledge of politics, and in how she listens to and works with people.  We need more conservatives like Susan Fletcher, to lead locally at home, as well as at the state and national level.  We pledge our support to Susan Fletcher for Collin County Commissioner, Pct. 1.”
Coach Del & Ann Harris
Former NBA Coach & Frisco Philanthropists
GM Texas Legends, Author and Fox Sports Studio Analyst


"Commissioner Susan Fletcher has done exactly what she promised.  Susan has exhibited the political courage to tackle the tough issues, while being a good steward of taxpayer dollars and promoting conservative principles for Collin County. A true public servant, Susan is very active in the community and cares deeply about ensuring Collin County’s success story continues for the next generation. It is a privilege to call Susan a friend and I am proud to enthusiastically endorse her for reelection."
                                           Congressman Van Taylor

Conservative Republican for Collin County Commissioner, Precinct 1

"Today, we need elected officials who understand the challenges of our time and possess the courage to stand on their convictions. Susan Fletcher is just that kind of a person. Therefore, I enthusiastically endorse Susan Fletcher for Collin County Commissioner, Place 1. "

Eugene Ralph

Host, The Principle Connection

"I cannot think of anyone better for this role than Susan Fletcher.   I have known and worked with her since I was the Executive Director for the Republican National Coalition for Life --- her servant's heart coupled with her creativity make her one of the people I most admire in this country!"

Dianne Edmondson

Pro-Life Republican Leader

"I endorse Susan Fletcher for Collin County Commissioner.  Susan has demonstrated a lifelong commitment to principles founded in the Bible and our American founding documents.  Susan listens to all sides of an issue before making a determination.  She is thorough, hard-working and dogged in the process of learning all the facts.... One of the best parts of Susan is that she always has a smile on her face and true joy in her heart.  Working alongside Susan is a real pleasure because of her happy, positive temperament and her commitment to truth and conservative ideals."

Lorie Medina

Co-Founder, Frisco Tea Party
Chairman, The Real Conservatives National Committee